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Pastiche of Shylock's Monologue

April 22, 2021
By eeconomou BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
eeconomou BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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If not now, then when?

Just yesterday I was a young girl with big brown eyes, an enormous heart of gold, not a worry in the world, and a laugh that could melt anyone’s worries away. Today I have influenced my psyche to believe my life orbits around my academics by never being satisfied with my achievements. My time, my emotions, my life. Although I stayed up till 12 am, although I hoped for 100%, although I thought my assignment was perfect, I was not satisfied with its grade. My internal displeasure is like a never-ending tornado clawing at my every imperfection. Never enough. When I ask for a second chance to correct mistakes spluttered in red ink on my paper, disappointment, and anger embody me. Why? Because it was not flawless the first time around. As time progresses the dissatisfaction with my work has caused me to overthink every minuscule decision in my life, picking away at the happiness of that big brown-eyed young girl. Those now wearied, sapped brown eyes often spend their time staring at a bright glowing screen because that eases my busy mind. Watching others live in the fantasy I dream of living, but cannot due to fearing failure. 100%. Perfection. The burden of growing up. It is that or nothing. But, I have lived to learn that nothing does not get you far. 

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