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April 23, 2021
By JRR BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
JRR BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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Facing the raging current,

knowing you need to swim,

but letting it carry you away.

Because you know...


Fearing the jagged rocks beneath,

you need to swim or you'll drown,

but the swim to the shore is difficult.

Because you know...


Nearing the edge where the water takes you,

you'll fall to where you can't come back from,

but you tell the people on the shore you're fine.

Because you know they won't accept you.


So you let yourself sink beneath the current,

ignoring the scratches and bruises,

until the pain is too much,

but it's too late


You're at the edge,

holding on,


and no one came.

The author's comments:

Just some thoughts about people's reluctance to search for help.

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