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The Prison in Freedom

June 3, 2021
By nate-is-the-name PLATINUM, Clarksburg, Maryland
nate-is-the-name PLATINUM, Clarksburg, Maryland
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We’re all nothing but walking paradoxes, and I love it!

What does a prisoner turned free do?

Does he shout joy into the air? or

Does he turn back in fear?


Does he run towards the towering pines

he’s known since their first leaf grew? or

Does he look up to view his ever changing art gallery?


Does he speak to the masked man that sleeps on the frail wooden bench ? or

Does his long awaited smile freeze as his lips become shells of ice?


Does he finally feel free? or

Does he still feel the grasping chains

that never left aching wrists and ankles?


What does a prisoner turned free do?

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