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July 5, 2021
By AIDENBB SILVER, Delray Beach, Florida
AIDENBB SILVER, Delray Beach, Florida
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I long to catch you oceanside 

Leave your starboard, leave your stern, 

This yearning cease not when you lofty

Come, lay with me upon the sand 

Stripped and abandoned 

I long to catch you oceanside 

Oh sweet Marie come lie with me 

Remove thy sheen that shimmers with silver 

Your oyster is profound, even still it compare not 

To what's inside 

Lovely jewels for which sunken ships have searched 

A gem of love 

Toothless treasure

I see a miracle in your eye 

I see a boundless sky 

Often there's a blue

Oftener there's that clouded grey 

You allow not that beautiful saddened oasis to stay 

Fear that when, an untamed crane may pluck your pearl away 

Fear an untamed wind may snuff your sparkling display

And you’ve already been tattered so 

But here I lay 

Muscles cooking with the sun 

Dew stuck to my hem 

Sand spilling in my ear 

And a fountain of me out my mouth it glides 

Bucket I have not to catch my parts 

Be my basket 

Be my net 

And I swear with great care I shall be yours

I will handle the freshet flooding spade of our love 

As we catch each other

Arm in arm 


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