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I Am More Than My Name

September 12, 2021
By nealt BRONZE, Dover, Massachusetts
nealt BRONZE, Dover, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. -Walt Disney

Running down to the water

Sand beneath my toes,

Seashells glistening in the sun as shiny as gold

I run along the shore searching for the best ones

Running from one end to the other,

Exhausted after my 4-mile run

Neal, champion,

My name reminds me

As I sit down on the sand as smooth as silk

Skating down the street,

My dog chasing me

And my brother on his bike,

Later hiking up to a peak,

The view a spectacular, special, spectacle

Reminding me of India,

The presidents garden and Kashmir

The flowers and landscape as beautiful as something from a dream

My parents moved from India to California to here,


Reading for hours in my room,

My favorite book in hand,

I look out the window and spot my garden

Lush with all sorts of vegetables and flowers

The apples as red as cherries,

The pears sweet as candy

Writing paragraphs in my room,

Last nights math and science problems on my desk

Under my bed, 

Outside playing badminton and walking and running,

Creating music flowing from my window

My violin humming and buzzing creating a sweet melody like the morning birds

My name is Neal,

I am active,

I am funny,

I am friendly,

I am productive,

I am knowledgeable,

I am more than my name

The author's comments:

This piece is about my past experiences and what led to who I am today.

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