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You’re So Perfect

October 15, 2021
By grethelptja26 BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
grethelptja26 BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
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What's is like?

Always having to be the mature one, 

Putting on a brave face, 

Never ever failing apart.

You look so perfect.

so put together,

always prepared,

never under the weather.

But I know what you're really like.

I know you suffer in silence.

I know you cry yourself to sleep.

I know you're far from perfect.

You fall apart at the seams.

The more you try to hide,

the more I see you for what you are.

I read your thoughts and know what you're feeling.

You can't hide from me, girl,

I am the sadness that you're feeling.

I am your pair, your tears, your agony.

I feed you negative thoughts,

To keep you guessing and crying.

So you can wipe your tears,

and go back to pretending...

your facade that everyone believes. 

So what's it like being

so perfect?

Always correct and mature?

So put together and prepared?

Teach us how to put on a mask

so well like you do.

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