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Just Another Saturday

December 14, 2021
By McL-number4 PLATINUM, Rolla, Missouri
McL-number4 PLATINUM, Rolla, Missouri
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Our white Honda speeds down the interstate as “Start Me Up” 

blasts through my headphones.

I can see flashes of a pastel sunset through the trees, 

as it turns to vibrant shades of red-orange, lime green and indigo.

I check my phone, 

forty-one minutes until Rolla, Missouri.

My phone then dings, signalling a text to the class group chat

from Bridgette asking “Who’s 5’8”?”

Oh, no, is this another Romans short joke?

I sit in my gray leather seat, waiting for what seems ages until 

Bridgette finally reveals that 5’8” = 4’20”.

I look out my window again and see our house up on the hill. 

I think to myself how lucky am I to have such an amazing life?

- Ara R.

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