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Why Do We Put On Masks

May 9, 2022
By StevanSoto BRONZE, Hemet, California
StevanSoto BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Why do we put on masks 

when all we want to be is seen?

Well, we know that it’s because 

we’re scared for we’re only a teen.

Many people put on the mask of a tiger

representing courageous  

Many choose the snake

Representing unnoticeable steps

While I'm still choosing my mask 

I know that its one that will be pure and true

While many think im immature, that’s only to fool you

Im as smart as a cookie

But I’m no rookie

I play my cards right and 

that’s before midnight

I am scared but just tough as a shell

Only, so I don’t dwell on my negative thoughts

Live my life to the fullest

Although I’m, not the coolest

Grades are ok

While my world might be gray

I pull through life

With a knife in my back from

All that betrayed me

I thank them for I am as strong as a brick

My mask isn’t a fake one 

but one I shall not forsake

So the question why put on a mask

Well it's the only easy task

While we can act ok 

It could just ruin our day

So if you need a friend to call for 

I am here waiting for you to open the door

I will not judge 

for I don’t hold a grudge

I am here to listen

And listen is what I do

My thoughts play in my head

As I lay in bed

That’s why we put on masks

Not just to be something we’re not

But just so nothing hurts on the spot

While many suffer from depression or anxiety

It’s up to us not the society to find help

It might be hard or might be easy to come

Could be harmful or could be fun

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