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Graduation Poem

August 13, 2022
By Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
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"Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin."

I know that the 18 years you’ve raised me

Have never been easy

I made many many many mistakes

Countless decisions have been made

That chipped away at our trust

Your heart never did change

Even when I made you angry

And I believed that I could never redeem myself

You assured me that I could

Reminded me that you love me

You never gave me quite the wrong look

And saved me from a world of pain

You smiled at me when I applied to drive

And hugged me when I fell and cut my knees

From riding a bike

A silly younger me

You watched me self sabotage

Let me learn my own lessons

And made sure I was safe

You worked hard no matter your feeing

Even if motivation was lacking

Because family is everything

I know that things won’t be the same

One less person at the dining table

To make jokes while you eat

I know that it’s scary and honestly pretty crazy

That I am all grown up

But believe me

I could never have done that

If you gave up

On me

You didn’t seem to bat an eye

When I told random things about my life

And you helped me through hard times

I love you Dad

I’ll do you proud

The author's comments:

I've written this, I have a little longer before college, but I wrote this for my dad because my growing years have been rough for him. And me growing up hasn't and isn't easy for him. I hope to give him a collection of poems when I move out and this is one of them.

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