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August 28, 2009
By keyboard_musican SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
keyboard_musican SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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Nothing hurts more
Than saying those
Two simple words.

But that’s the problem
Those words
may be simple
But the meaning
of them never is

Because when you
Say them
Your admitting
that you hurt someone
And more often than not
Its someone
Who means the world to you

Your palms sweat and
While you hope
So very badly
That its not too late

After a fight
You never
Want to be
The one that says it first
Because of either anger
Still left inside of you
Or too ashamed
to face them
Yet someone always
Has to be first

When those words
Find there way
Out of your heart
And into the open air
Tears might come
So do hugs and
You suddenly know
Everything is going
To be okay

Just because
You took the courage
To say
And yes I really am……..

The author's comments:
the one i want to say this to, i can't. even though all i want to do is say it to him

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