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Triumph of the Cities

September 13, 2009
By CRose BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
CRose BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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A small metropolis
Lies quietly asleep
The sparkling surface
Of a small pool of light
Cutting through the dark
An island of a black sea
Streaked with white rivers
Of a misty quality

A stretch of black
Dotted with sparks
Mirrors the sky
As the moon whispers
To the streets
It alone knows

As cloud cover gather
It seems aflame
With the triumph of the cities
Burning from below
The flames reach my hands
And warm my fingertips
As I wrap the world
Around myself

The flame reaches up
And mingles with the moon
A silent dance
Defying life
What now only a navy blue blanket can cover

As the blanket falls
Giving way to the light
A breath escapes
A soft sigh
Floating through space
And time
Blending in with white mountains
A promise
That enters the cycle
Something simple yet profound.

It's never quite
Even if
The light is muted.

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