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Defining Silence in 10 Minutes

September 13, 2009
By pickledcookie BRONZE, Tyler, Texas
pickledcookie BRONZE, Tyler, Texas
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Silence: Something found when you
put away your ipod
stop thinking and talking
get away from chatterboxes
hear everything that remains.

Silence: Something hidden
something I grasp at with my fingers, but always
fall short of grabbing.

Silence: Something that gives you permission to do anything.

Silence: A monster that will attack and crush you if you don't prepare for it.
It can be frustrating.
something to make you
something to hold back your sobbing.

Silence: Something that has a touch of timelessness weaved
inside of it.
Something that rises and falls like a tragedy.

Silence: A responsibility.
Something you are praised for keeping, and scolded for breaking.

Silence: Something you always seem to remember.

Silence: Something that can only be analyzed in the context of

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