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I Will Find Her

September 10, 2009
By Razzmatazz BRONZE, Findlay, Ohio
Razzmatazz BRONZE, Findlay, Ohio
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I have lived as of a blur,
Now I will search for her.
The path has been cemented,
Pain and suffering leave it resented.
I lost her but don’t remember when,
I shouldn’t of left her back then.
I thought they hated her,
She was so obscure.
Now I know what she was,
I need her not just because.
I realize that she is me,
With her I am happy and free.
God made me a certain way,
I need to find her, I’ll start today.
It will take some time,
I pray that she I will find.
The path has been cemented,
Pain and suffering leave it resented.
I know I need to start,
It will take more than the hope of my heart.
It will take courage and strength,
To find her I will go to great lengths.
I will seek the end result,
I will not dwell on who’s at fault.
I will think on the end glory,
Oh yes I shall tell my tragic story.
She will bring me back to Joy,
She will take the pains, that in me annoy.
She will be me,
I will be happy and free.
I must begin,
I must find my closest kin.
I will find ME.

The author's comments:
Its so easy to put on a mask and be someone else. The problem is you can only be somone else for so long, before you discover that something isn't right. This poem is about a girl who loses herself, and sets out to find herself again.

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