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Forever Misplaced

September 12, 2009
By Tana0509 GOLD, Panama City Beach, Florida
Tana0509 GOLD, Panama City Beach, Florida
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Only Time Will Tell

Blast me off into oblivion
Where the sun Fails to rise nor set
Where the songs of the birds are muffled
& The world is rid of threat.
Infinate peace and silence
The wind blows no more
No rain to ruin the days
Perfection galore.
The trees bare no fruit
The ground, no wheat
An unsettling quiet
An impossible feat.
The dogs cease to bark
The humans no longer beg
Gluttony, Lust, Greed
All sins are shed
Complete and total Chaos
Conclude ruling the land
Love, lies & Heartbreak
Lose their helping hand
feelings & emotions
Ultimately Stop
Decisions, Complications
Thoughts completely Drop.
In the end, My Haven
Consists of the above
Considering My life
When push comes to Shove
Ill still be stuck here
In this Horrid Place
Filled with disaster
Forever misplaced

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