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Talking to You

September 23, 2009
By Taylor Mann GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
Taylor Mann GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
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I’m talking to you, through and through,
Can you hear me or do you just not listen,
I can only imagine,
You’ve been like this for weeks,
Unresponsive, plain, boring, sorrowful,
To talk to you,
If only I could, like we used to,
For you to hear me again, and to care,
To talk to you is like talking to a brick wall, pointless and stupid,
What have you done to yourself?
You are slowly destroying your body, and our friendship,
Why did you do it?
Why didn’t you care enough to say no?

It’s like a stab in the heart to hear what you have done,
You aren’t acting like a friend at all,

I talk to you still,
If only you knew how much I care,
You’re stupid to think you could try it once and not get addicted,
You’re never going to stop,
I see that in your blood shot eyes,
Do you regret it?
The drugs I mean

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