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Friday Night

October 1, 2009
By WritiersDream BRONZE, Brampton, Other
WritiersDream BRONZE, Brampton, Other
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The sounds begin to swirl aound me
Fading so low I cannot hear
It's all a buzz, it floats above me
The only thing that I can see
Is the inside of my eyelids closed
The darkness obscuring my vision
What's this limp thing beneath me
Prehapse it's what it used to be?
A body that defied it's owner
Now, it sways and slowly falls
On to the carpeted ground below
Then everything goes black!
No sounds, no sights, no feeling
Just a soul surrounded in cloud
A faint voice is heard calling
Her name she does not answer to
The phone was in her open hand
A few moments before she fell
It's a lonely friday night at home
No-one will bother to look at all
Until they realize she's not around
What will they find?

A sleeping girl with a phone in her hand, and a peaceful look on her face...

They'll find me

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