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Maybe Four

October 2, 2009
By FreakyEyed DIAMOND, Juneau, Alaska
FreakyEyed DIAMOND, Juneau, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
"This, too, will pass."

If I could have any name
I’d roll my tongue and say

Because three time’s the charm
And it’s three times,
This time,
Or maybe it’s four---
Je ne sais pas…

It’s difficult to be an empty mesh
Of nothing
When you’re
An empty mesh
Of nothing---

It’s hard to roll your tongue...

It’s difficult to slay the demons
In your heart and mind
When all that you are filled with is just that.

If I could have any name
I’d roll my tongue
And bite my cheek

If I could have any name I’d ask
For yours.
Because it’s sweeter to the tongue
Than rolling r’s and drinking water
And it’s shameful just to say it more than once.

The author's comments:
For Alex.

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