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Explanatory Yet Disguised Words of My Soul

October 3, 2009
By LindsayLew GOLD, Dallas, Texas
LindsayLew GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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Having wings doesn’t make you a butterfly
But with the exception of some birds like penguins or ostriches
Wings give you the sky
And the ability to fly
Far away from here
An ability that doesn’t absolve fear
For fear is what makes us human
And ties us down
So even a human with wings
Wings of the soul I mean
Can still feel fear
But then again
What is there to gain
From living your life with timidity
The brave don’t live forever
But I’m not going to live at all
Unless I grow wings
And become a butterfly
Because I cant become a bird
Not all of them can fly
And I’m wondering why
I’m growing tired of wondering why
It all has to be this way
Because if I were given wings
I would fly to the top
Never stopping
Until I looked at the ground
All around
And realized
Even with wings
I’m still afraid of heights.

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