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Thought Process

October 14, 2009
By AdamShinigami BRONZE, Layton, Utah
AdamShinigami BRONZE, Layton, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.
~~Ingrid Bergman

You left me nothing more than a hug in the dark.
So here I am stranded.
Probably one of the best hugs in my life.
But now I’m all alone.
Your arms are long and warm.
Can you tell I love you?

You gave me the gift of a long passionate kiss.
Underneath the moonlight.
That one touch of the lips made my story happy.
Without you I feel naked.
Your lips soft and perfect against mine.
Can you tell I miss you?

You cursed me with the thoughts I have of you.
Never leaving my mind.
Some of the best and worst thoughts I’ve ever had.
I try not to hurt without you.
At least my memories try to keep me accompanied.
Can you tell I don’t want to lose you?

You stole my heart with those gleaming eyes of yours.
They shine brilliantly.
The same eyes that threaten to sap away my soul.
But I’m willing.
I love that combination of greens and blue you captured.
Can you tell I think of you?

I wonder if you ever ponder with questions like mine.
This thought process.
Or maybe, just maybe you want to text me more than I do you.
Thinking makes me hopeful.
I almost wish that we were chained together for eternity.
Do you think I’m crazy?

The author's comments:
I was dating someone and it was a complicated relationship, not only was it on and off, but it wasn't the most loyal or sturdy one either. This was literally my thought process at that time (concluding the title) so that's how I wrote it editing it here and there.

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