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everyday mask

October 17, 2009
By diffylove GOLD, Bel Air, Maryland
diffylove GOLD, Bel Air, Maryland
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a friend will share an umbrella with you when its raining, but a best friend will take it and scream "run loser, run!"

I’m the girl who interrupts the teacher just to ask to use the bathroom, and then walking around the halls singing as if no one is listening
I’m the girl who draws hearts all over her papers, hoping they well jump out of it and into the chest of any teenage boy
I’m the girl who is always checking her phone, hoping that her Romeo will send her a love letter of abbreviated words in the form of a text
But yet
Im the girl who starves herself, just to look like the pop sensation in the magazines
Im the girl who cuts her arms, feeling as if that is the only pain she can control
Im the girl who lives a life of darkness, covering it up with this smile can only last so long
Im the girl everyone seems to want to be
But do they really know?
Do they?

The author's comments:
you see kids in school and in magazines and all you think is, i wish i could live their life. but do you really know how they live? this is my story. this is my truth.

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