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Making the Best of the End

October 17, 2009
By prawaii BRONZE, Edmond, Oklahoma
prawaii BRONZE, Edmond, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
"I would rather fail as me than succeed as someone else"--John Paul Roney

A last first.
The method finally perfected.
The typical filter,
of teachers gone,
of teachers arriving.
Standing in line for schedules,
finally being a priority.
Smiles from those who glared previously-
comes with the title-
The choice to slim down that schedule.
Breaching the implied contract of silence
between opposing cliques,
because now is the time to stand out,
to be remembered for positivity,
not to be deemed eternally infamous.
Taking chances never before considered.
Striving to reach full potential.
Walking down those hallways,
prison bars holding back the stream of teens
before now.
Confidently putting the underclassmen to shame
with high school wisdom.
Showing school spirit like never before.
Strengthening old bonds
while forging the new.
Making the best of the end.

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