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October 12, 2009
By deadheadwookie27 GOLD, Bedminster, New Jersey
deadheadwookie27 GOLD, Bedminster, New Jersey
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Smell the bitter in the air
Hear people complain about how they don’t care
The dying grass
The warming water’s undertow

Gas and oil
Coal and nukes
Ruin the world
And corrupt our minds

Like men of old
And people of new
We dwindle our resources
To numbers too few

Buffalo for food
Forests for useless pews
Slaves for labor
What a joke.

From the crusades
To Vietnam
From Hiroshima and Nagasaki
To Iraq and the Afghanis

Man has left his impression clear
Like a fossil for the future
If it ever comes

No more birds chirping by our windows,
Only coughs and cancer
No more frogs to croak the summer heat away
Only death and radiation
No more fish to catch
Only pain and contamination
No more deer to eat
Only the elderly lying in the street, bloody and beaten

All these years won’t be replaced
Nuclear fallout and Smallpox
Global warming and hurricanes
The solution has always been a mass extinction
A natural enema

Man had great potential
Man needed no help
Instead he sought no guidance
He killed those not equal
Not of the same colour
Not of the same “religion”
Those who looked too “funny”
Those who thought differently
Those too old or young
Leading up to even his equals

Man is evil
Things don’t change
Tempted by dark and light,
Our souls fester in the bright dawn
Of death and purity.

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