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October 18, 2009
By deadheadwookie27 GOLD, Bedminster, New Jersey
deadheadwookie27 GOLD, Bedminster, New Jersey
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I want it to end
I want the pain to go far, far away
The way she looks in the early mourning
The way she smiles at days end
I’m crying right now, just thinking about her; I can’t take it anymore!
She’s driven me past the mountains of madness!
I think of her all the time, just a mere side effect of the lunacy she hath caused me
When I close my eyes, I see her standing there shyly, playing with the hem of her shirt
When I take a breath her fragrances assaults my senses
If the world were to end tomorrow, would I really care?
No; I can honestly say I wouldn’t
I’ll walk right up to the fiery edge, peer into the craters jagged mouth, and smile at Satan
Tell ‘em, “Come on, let’s go.”
Walk with him through the hell-fire, their faces all combine to one
Stroll through the broken and bleeding gates of Tartarus
Shake the hand of Charon, feel his unfleshed bone to pay the toll and cross the River Styx
Weave through fields of bodies of warriors past, rotting in the eternal sun of Democracy
Pass demons slicing, cutting, whipping, dipping men and women in their hopes and lives
Ignore their screams, their petulant smell of dismemberment and fear
Ignore the painful and searing blades that cut at my restraint, slicing the skin from me
I will not let them hear me cry
I will not give them an excuse for you to die
I’ll fall to my knees before Lucifer’s unholy gaze
Run far away; but be not ashamed, I’ll take the beating
You stay safe
So that there’s no more her
No more living in shame, hurt, solitude, and clandestine pain!
Pity the fool who becomes enamored with a lone woman, for it will be his last error.
I want it to end
I want my life to go far, far away
Leaving this empty shell of a body behind in the dust.
I want the world to end tomorrow
I’ll be the first to jump
It was my last error
So don’t you dare follow.

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