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I Hope You Come Home

October 21, 2009
By LovelyAvi BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
LovelyAvi BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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I’d give my life to see you live one happily
I can’t understand the motivation someone could have to hurt you
A child so fresh to this world, it just hurts me
I see the tears of your mother, and the plea for you to come home safely
As she pleads with the public, my heart is crushed
In the form of tears is all her fear and love
I don’t know you,
But I know that it’s not fair for you to be taken away from your family
I’m disgusted with those whose minds are sickly
And would bring harm to your innocent body
I pray to god you’re brought home
But knowing this world, and the people of it
… I just know there are people out there that are sick
On the television screen they broadcast a picture of you smiling
In that frozen moment in time, you seem happy
To know that somewhere you could be crying out for help
Screaming out to be rescued
I can’t do anything but cry for you
My heart goes out to your family
Nothing is impossible I’ve learned
I just pray you’re returned

~This is for you Somer,
hopefully you come home

The author's comments:
I was watching the news and following the search for her.it was so touching, a body was found, and when the sheriff announced this, some people actually collapsed. it was so devastatingly touching, i just had to express my feelings on it. some feel the body is hers, but i don't want to give up hope. maybe that's just a naive concept for me to hope. but i still hope and believe there's a chance for her. if there is any info regarding this girl,please submit it to the authorities

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