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Friends in sickness(mental) until death

October 26, 2009
By MrsChelseaElder SILVER, Knox, Indiana
MrsChelseaElder SILVER, Knox, Indiana
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waiting, looking, listening.....


my heart does not beat, my chest does not rise nor fall

no air do i breathe, no words do i speak...

blood, stained on my hands and wrists

i am all alone

no people do i see, no sounds do i hear.....

someone watches me, i scream for them

they walk away........

more people now.

flowers, music, tears

my body feels so cold

my eyes so heavy, tired.

now i cry for you.

you stand by me, then walk away

no tears upon your face, a knife in your hand.

i scream at you, you fall, knife gone......

now darkness..........

you're hear now, blood upon your clothes, knife in your hand...

you smile and look around

i feel a pain in my chest, a scream in my ear......




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