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November 6, 2009
By hannahmontanaaa SILVER, Paoli, Indiana
hannahmontanaaa SILVER, Paoli, Indiana
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"A hospital bed is like a taxi with the meter running"

I'm a very simple person. Complicated to figure out, but easy to amuse. I hate giving speeches, but love talking. My birthday is July 17th, I am 15 years of age. I'm not afraid to be me, but afraid to be someone else. I have fears like anyone else, but dreams like nobody. I have friends and enemies. And sometimes my friends become my enemies, and my enemies become my friend. Girls rule and boy's drool. i change my mind a lot, so dont be surprised. i learn not to trust just anyone. i hate it when people over react, and be fake, but who doesn't? I love to write, but not a whole lot. I love my freedom, and when someone decides to take that away from me, they will be sure to get hit with a dose or reality. i hate it when people live in the past and take things for granted. i hate spelling, thank god for spell check. people may ask me, what do you want to do when you grow up, and i reply, am i not grown up yet?

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just another about me

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