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November 8, 2009
By GoodnightMySomeone SILVER, Sherwood, Oregon
GoodnightMySomeone SILVER, Sherwood, Oregon
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We're gonna bond, like paper to glue!

Let me tell you a sneakret dear, let me whisper it into your ear. Promise not to tell anyone, not your mother, brother, uncle, or son. It’s very important that you know, a sneakret lost is a sneakret showed. And you could never ever take that back, for it would be posted with a tack. And then the whole wide world would see, what was supossed to be between you and me. And that that’s the last sneakret that we would ever share, for I would know you didn’t care.

The author's comments:
This guy and I have a paper that we write on during Shakespeare class called "Sneakrets", sneaky secrets. Where we talk about our day, and share our secrets.

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