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I Know This Place

November 11, 2009
By Doug-e-fre$h GOLD, Mission Hills, California
Doug-e-fre$h GOLD, Mission Hills, California
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Misted meadows
squalid swamps of swirling filth
i know this place.
sirens wail
as children sing and dance to the tune of death
i know this place.
youth gone so wrong
a flower grows in cement
i know this place.
wicked are the souls of the people
drinking the waste of their lies
i know this place.
slowly, a tree rots in a field that has seen better days
i know this place.
A grandfather clock stops ticking
for the first and last time.
i know this place
a heart is breaking
a lover is lost
I know this place.
The comfort of home
is suddenly gone
I know this place.
a piano
has lost its muscial keys
i know this place
Quietly a boy sobs beneath
a bridge
i know this place.
A home without a roof
lingering in agony beneath unhappy skies.
i know this place.

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