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freedom to life

November 17, 2009
By babybunny DIAMOND, Hickory, North Carolina
babybunny DIAMOND, Hickory, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"there are no friends or enemies in this life; just selfish desires based on instincts and self lustings."

this is a story of a girl,
who tried to take flight,
over the world,
but her mother clipped her wings,
holding her back-
not caring what the girl thought.
she cleaned and cared for the young ones;
she tried to make her mother happy,
but nothing was evr good enough for her.
she held onto the hope,
of someday being free,
and never looking back.
age 15 came along,
and her friends of the wind encouraged her,
to take flight;
to fight;
to leave.
rash toughts of escape came to her,
but she never acted upon them.
soon a boy entered into her life.
for the 1st time she felt hope-
and love.
age 16 came upon very soon,
and plans formed with it.
she would take a life with this boy.
she would cut all ties with her family.
she would be able to do as she pleased.
she would be loved.
she would be free!
another year of repression came and went,
and year 17 found its way to her.
the rusted clip on her wings broke,
and up into the sky she flew.
her friends supporting her wings;
supporting her new life.
and as she flies,
she hears her mothers cries,
of defiance for her joy in her freed life,
but she flies on,
with her friends and boy,
leaving that life she hated,
behind her

The author's comments:
i guess i wish i could take flight. to be able 2 do as i please. go where i want. i guess every1 wishes 4 this

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