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God’s Gifts for the Despondent

November 17, 2009
By JesusFreak20 BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
JesusFreak20 BRONZE, Conyers, Georgia
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If I could position my coarse ear upon this flower, ear
Up to the thorns of this rose, could I hear
The sorrow that it could’ve heard, could I hear
It? No one knows…
Could I hear the past from a red rose? Could I hear
The pain it could’ve obtained? Pain heard from
Those beautiful petals, tears falling like rain.
There are a lot of sad people in the world,
Seems like every time people are sad there
Is a rose to lighten up their face.
I just wonder if this rose could’ve heard a sad
Saying, from someone of any race.
God places things in someone’s path, who is
Depressed and lonesome, some things are as pretty
As a rose, some things just plain awesome.
I know this rose heard pain in it’s past, from
Someone very upset, I see a drop of glistening
Water on one of it’s thorns, is it from someone
The rose had met?
If so why didn’t that person pick this rose,
To sniff in it’s salient exquisiteness, to make
Their soul more exultant, just from it’s
Why is this rose here unpicked?
Why is there a tear on the flower?
Why haven’t someone in the past picked it,
And obtain a little content that hour?
I never understand why sad people don’t
Take God’s things He gives them to make
Them happy sometimes, every happy thing
Along their path,
I guess this rose if for me to pick,
But I will save it for someone else,
Because I understand now, interpreting this rose
Makes me know God really desires to make me happy,
Now I don’t have to pick it, leave the realization to some else.

God really does help me in some ways…

The author's comments:
This piece explains that God gives depressed people gifts sometimes to make them more content. Listen closely to the end of this poem, its meaning explains why the rose was never picked.

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