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Stop! remember me?

November 17, 2009
By HockeyChick SILVER, Wasilla, Alaska
HockeyChick SILVER, Wasilla, Alaska
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remember me?
Remember when I knew you best?
Better than you knew yourself.
And we would stay inside on rainy days.
And laugh and laugh and laugh.
When we would play our made-up games,
We were princesses, we were knights,
We were heroes and samurais and ninjas.
We were best friends and worst enemies,

remember when we fought?
And we didn’t, couldn’t, speak for days?
And we stayed inside on rainy days,
We couldn’t laugh
We were too far apart.
But it got lonely,
Being the only princess.
The only knight
The only hero or samurai or ninja.
Besides, there were
Secrets that needed whispering,
And games that needed playing
And jokes that needed telling.
don’t forget.

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