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Letters To Myself

November 29, 2009
By paintmeapicture GOLD, Castlegar, Other
paintmeapicture GOLD, Castlegar, Other
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in a letter to myself
i think i would've wrote
not to fear so much, not to
always do just what you're told

i know that you are scared

of everything they say
but don't hide it deep inside
embrace it, to take the pain away

i'd say i know you're trying to
be better in everyway
but try a little harder
cuz to some of us life ain't a game

i know your vision's blurry

you see it your own way
sometimes that's good, but not right now, just let yourself feel
cuz i know you want something real

in the letters to myself
i could write and write again
to fill a million pages
of who i could've been

but i must say this is me

and this is how i deal
i know you may not like it, but
what you see is just a sheild

in a letter to myself
i think i'd like to write
just because you can take it, doesn't mean you shouldn't fight

i'd say, the world has lots of evil

but it's outweighed by the good
and if you look at only details
the big picture's misunderstood

i'll say i know that you are dying,
it gets harder everyday
but when you see that sun shining
pick your feet up and walkaway

i know you'd rather lie there,

but does it need to hit you in
the face?
you're worth something, girl, i know it, please just give it all
a chance to change

oh, in the letters to myself
i may just get confused
but whether in sickness or in health, at least it
proves i'll make it through

i know this is just my beggining

it's the start of something new,
and i knew it from the time that i said goodbye to you.

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