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Shh, Listen...

November 24, 2009
By The_Word_Fairy SILVER, Somewhere, New Mexico
The_Word_Fairy SILVER, Somewhere, New Mexico
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Shh, Listen
Dark, Darker, Darkest,
Shh, Listen
As I lay here I see the streetlamps flicker,
I hear the rain drops start to sprinkle down quicker.
Shh, Listen
I tighten my blankets around me,
I lay and wonder when it will lighten outside.
I see all the stars and hear all the cars.
Shh, Listen
I lay so still I think I could almost hear the twinkling of those stars.
Shh, Listen
As the wind caresses your face and lulls you to sleep.
Shh, Listen.

The author's comments:
This is the first poem I ever wrote. Its rather rudimentary, but it still reminds me of my childhood and how peaceful a rainy night is if you just stop to listen.

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