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Cruelty is not Beauty

November 25, 2009
By anotherromanctic PLATINUM, Wilmington, North Carolina
anotherromanctic PLATINUM, Wilmington, North Carolina
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The lure of her words,
They float through your mind,
They torment your thoughts,
Implicates wasted time.

The flow like a river,
Her voice is like music,
It's evident that she knows
Just how to abuse it.

Her grace is unmatched,
Except only her beauty,
Her humor is so cruel,
Such life is so new to me.

She traps and ensnares
The weaker mens' souls,
Don't fall for her tricks,
Don't give aid in her goal.

Oh look! Now you've been trapped!
You didnt heed my call!
Look what happened when you're deaf,
To one who's lived it all.

Impressive, yes she is,
For imprisoning so young men,
No force is necessary
To encourage their sin.

She only takes advantage
Of their losses, and the lust
That makes the body's desire
For intimacy a must.

On and on, she goes,
Enlarging her soul pile,
It's amazing that no one
Sees her as so vile.

My friend, you are lost,
No more can you be,
If only you could have seen,
Her cruelty is not beauty.

The author's comments:
Falling for the bad girl is not always a good idea. Simple enough?
Comments are appreciated.

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