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November 27, 2009
By jamie2122 GOLD, Bala Cynwyd, Georgia
jamie2122 GOLD, Bala Cynwyd, Georgia
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You caressed me with your dirty hands
And so I danced
I danced to your wishes
Inside I was burning
Pieces disintegrated to ashes
Ashes suffocate
Outside I seemed at peace
My skin was yours

I shed my skin for you
Bruised and bleeding
Sick and dying from exhaustion
You slowly peeled it away
In chunks, strips, flesh, blood
Sprinkled it on your face
Drank it down to cleanse your soul
To cleanse a dirty deceased life

My skin did not shed by itself
It was stolen, robbed, wrenched from my body
I watched my skin crumble in my hands
Until you mercilessly harvested it for yourself

In time my skin will shed by itself
It will slide off in one piece
It may shrivel or sag
But I hope it will be discovered

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