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Drama; scene 3-part 2.

December 3, 2009
By shelby_kat DIAMOND, Warren, Ohio
shelby_kat DIAMOND, Warren, Ohio
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our eyes meet
and sparks fly
the intensity rises
so i look away and sigh.
your eyes are so blue
and your eyelashes long
a sneak a glance-and your looking
so my heart sings a song.
but guilt it a factor
i'd reather not meet
so i avoid you in the falls
and my hearts losing it's beat.
i long for a way
to be together with you
but reality stops me
and i don't know what to do.

love comes to mind
so i push out all thoughts
i want to run into your arms
but soon people start to connect the dots.
they start staring
and i'm losing my cool
my sanity is playing tug-o-war
and its a never ending duel.

i want to hold you close
and look your in the eye
and finally admit
that there was times you made me cry.
but you just smile
and act out the scene
like your on stage
and say they are not mean.
because the director is watching
your never ending play
so you read off the script
and go on another day.

behind your shadowed mask
i see your true pain
your going to overload
and you'll no longer be sane.

your eyes fill with tears
once you finally crack
and you ask me to heal
everything that you lack.
one simple kiss
and you'd be on your way
but i couldn't bring myself to do it
because i want you again the next day.

so you cry and you pout
and somthing inside me breaks
my heart starts to shatter
and my chest starts to ache.

you walk off stage
and imediately forget about me
but is it really my fault
that you wouldn't stop and see?
that i love you
and that will never change
even if you ignore me
and i start to act strange.
a walking zombie,
i guess i'm not really here
i'm trying to listen to my head
but its getting harder to hear.

you stop talking to me
and i'm getting deeper in the hole
depression leaking from my smile
i would give anything to feel whole.

i find a note
in my locker after school
its from you and i read it
is this a joke to be cruel?
you want to make up
you say that i was your light
you say you love me
but i want you out of my sight.
so i meet you after school
and your just full of smiles
i want to punch you so hard
your happiness makes me viel.
you ask me for forgiveness
and i tell you to choke
you look astonished and amused
you think its a joke.

i wish you'd just get it
and you'd leave me alone
i want to move on
into the great unknown.
but you think you can win me
and you continue to try
even though you will never admitt
that your life is a lie.

so i leave you on your own
i hope you get what you deserve
to be by yourself
i hope you gather the nerve.

but am i too mean?
should i give him a try?
no, he's not worth it
there are alot of other guys.

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