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December 3, 2009
By ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
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Picture this;

The warmth of a lover's hand intertwined gently with yours,walking along the creaky floorboards of an old boating dock.Crisp,cool wind dancing in your hair,pressing gently agaisnt the both of you.
Looking out to sea,you see the fine line where sunset meets shore,drowned out by the wavering waters.A sense of mysterious yet lively charm clouding about you,a smile and a warming deep stare into your eyes peeks a sentimate thrill of happiness,the feeling of being absolutely necessary to another being's survival.Awaiting the arrival of small glistens in the sky,holding onto your significant other.Butterflies crowd your stomach,back and arms tingling from the chills.Original romance,all is calm and hushed..


The author's comments:
Simple is as simple does.

I wished the picture was at night.
More of a seaside night,less of a hot beach.
But,it's okay.

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