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No Longer A Seed Am I

December 11, 2009
By Cammie PLATINUM, Vero Beach, Florida
Cammie PLATINUM, Vero Beach, Florida
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I once was a tiny seed,

A bored and boring tiny seed,

I had no friends,

I was sad and as lonely as the Arctic sea.

But that’s not how my story ends.

I was placed in a hole and covered with dirt,

I was given water and love,

I was visited by a wiggly well-wisher,

And the sun shined up above.

Now I am fully grown,

I am tall,

Beautiful and strong.

Now and again a bird sits on my branch,

To please me with song.

A tired man who worked really hard,

Finds comfort underneath my shade.

He closes his eyes and snores.

His worries begin to fade.

Teenagers in love mark their initials on my trunk,

As they share a kiss.

They laugh,

They whisper.

They are in perfect bliss.

Small boys as agile as monkeys,

Hide between my leaves.

They sit and wait,

For skirts and curls,

They wait to spy on gossiping girls.

On my biggest branch,

A mama bird builds a loving home.

For her family she makes a nest.

She sits on my branch.

So tired, she rests.

Forbidden lovers steal away at night,

And embrace under my leaves,

They dream,

In bright sparkling starlight.

No longer a small seed am I.

No longer will I sigh.

I now have many friends,

And my story continues,

It doesn’t end.

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