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I Still Do These Things

December 17, 2009
By LolCatzMcGee PLATINUM, London, Hawaii
LolCatzMcGee PLATINUM, London, Hawaii
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I still feel your hand covering mine
I still feel your toothbrush by the sink
I still find myself buying your favorite cereal
I still knock on the bathroom door and wait to hear your voice

I still speak to you like you can hear me
I still set reminders for your favorite show
I still set the table for two
I still cook your favorite meal on Wednesday, your favorite day

I still write you letters and burn them
I still only sleep in half the bed
I still expect you home from work at 7, and when you don't come, I worry
I still listen to the song you sang to me and played on your guitar

I still spray your perfume on all my clothes
I still open the cupboard and see your razor
I still have your birthday written in my calender
I still see your face behind me every time i look in the mirror

I still miss you every night when it get dark
I still watch scary movies and bury my face in a pillow, pretending its you
I still cry every single day

I still look up to heaven and can't wait to see you again

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