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unrequited love

December 18, 2009
By C.DoBLoSKy BRONZE, Laurel, Delaware
C.DoBLoSKy BRONZE, Laurel, Delaware
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As you looked at me and smiled, my heart flew up to heaven.
When we first kissed, I was more scared than ever.
You held me close, and I felt safe for eternity.
That first time I heard “I love you” over the phone, I knew you meant it forever.
Time flew by as we fell in love.
I knew my heart was yours, forever and more.
Time slowed down, pain grew strong.
I was scared and heart broken.
Therefore I made a choice, had the letter do the talking.
We fell apart and my soul died that day.
So I acted a fool and regret all that time wasted.
The hole in my heart is growing faster than ever.
Can only be repaired by the love I once had.
My love for you has grown even stronger.
For I see I want you longer.
Since I was a little girl I knew.
It was meant to be you and me.
Your smile is for someone else..
But my heart won’t give up.
When I first said “I love you” I said it in stone.
I will be waiting, hoping it is really meant to be.
Every night I’ve cried myself to sleep.
Hoping you still love me.
Well I guess time will tell.
But I haven’t given up.
I love you forever and always.
If you only knew!!!

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