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Is It All Worth It?

December 16, 2009
By Soft_spoken GOLD, Houston, Texas
Soft_spoken GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
if your feelings go away its not love
if that person
leaves an imprint on your heart that was love
only once
only one guy left a imprint on my heart like that i love him still -BY ME BRITTANY JENELLE

We used to be so close
you my best friend
you my boyfriend we never argued
nothing bad at all
now your busy
I don't even get a call
besides 5 minutes a day
or none at all
I'm starting to lose my trust
I'm starting to give up
you mean alot to me you know
I would never want to let you go
To you the guy whom I love
My best friend
As I sit here on the verge of tears
I'm beginning to think
Is it all worth it?

The author's comments:
The guy that I went out with when I was fourteen we go back out now I'm hurt and confused cause this is the guy that I chose to be with after I was about to give up and I'm scared cause I don't want to be hurt
and it hurts that He doesnt make much time for me now

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