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The Circus

December 17, 2009
By StrawberryTofu PLATINUM, New City, New York
StrawberryTofu PLATINUM, New City, New York
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You do again, I see you do--
Change the locks and fix the cage,
You guide me too,
With your whip you hold tightly
So your knuckles are blue.

Oh and you desperately try-
Attach the mask with glue,
Dare to claim that you are cute and innocent, too.

You think I am deaf to you?
I hear the echoes of what you say.
You restructure the hate camps of the Jews,
Me, the girl with the straw-colored hair,
As it contrasts with your dark curls, you detest the light hues.

What of this?
Think they will not see your snare?
But no, wait-- they do! They do!
You correct me again, I was wrong,
Thank you-

This-this is the big debut.
Shoved along across the stage,
The audience sees me with their
Mouths full of mashed peanuts and popcorn
Gasping for laughter.
Not a single protest or boo.

You paint the sky gray
Every time it dares to shine blue,
Brooding in your own sour air,
Sabotaging everything around you,
But I see you made our old friends your crew.
You blamed them,
But I should have known it was you.

But wait- a toast-a toast-
To you, your spite, your anger,
You all deserve each other,
I will no longer be locked up by you,
Old friend- enemy, I’m through.

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