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Twister and Sister

December 30, 2009
By Sissybug2012 PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
Sissybug2012 PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
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Once I had a dream of a giant twister that even had a sister.
They spun and screamed loudly at the ground,
pulling and tearing all around.
They yanked at tress and spit out rubble.
They even made lightning and caused lots of trouble.
Houses were thrown up high and cars down low.
Some electric lines gave a huge flaming blow.
I dreamt the twister and her sister came after me, hissing and spinning and ran at me was all I could see.
They ruined everything in sight.
I hid in my closet with a blanket and flashlight.
I closed my eyes and counted to three, hoping for it to be over as soon as could be.
I felt a shake and a rumble,
I opened my eyes, there was no trouble.
My parents said I was having a bad dream.
Thank goodness, because that twister and her sister were very mean.

The author's comments:
I used to always have nightmares about tornadoes when I was much smaller, but now I dream that I will catch one one day and become famous like the storm chasers on tv.

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