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Dear Pandora

December 25, 2009
By Jtrombetti1010 GOLD, Salt Lake, Utah
Jtrombetti1010 GOLD, Salt Lake, Utah
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Dear Pandora,

Do you remember me?

I've lost myself following you.

You reign over the beaten path.

It's growing darker,

Can you still hear me?

I'm not yelling anymore,

The echo was too painful.

I can see you now,

By the candle's light.

Your shadow dancing with the flame,

A blank face says it all, while revealing nothing, all at once.

My soul shivers.

All I can do is wonder and hope.

Stare into your eyes and try to disappear,

Until you break the gaze,

Turn to the candle...

As you blow it out,

And kill me one more time,

I think you remember.

But just in case you don't,

I'll hold this moment, so you won't have to.

I won't lose it.

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