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Reflection of the Sunset

January 10, 2010
By JordanA PLATINUM, Pottsville, Pennsylvania
JordanA PLATINUM, Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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Reflection of the Sunset
In the brilliance of the sunset in front of you, the feelings you have are seen on your searching face. Contemplative, yet cautious eyes gaze out on the horizon, never letting the majesty of the sunset pierce your guard. A tear runs down your face, in it a reflection of the sunset. Sitting on the hill, you bury your head in your palms. The cry is unheard, and pure, unedited thoughts unspoken. Your mind races with fortified feelings, and a fearful desire to find solid ground. Your tears whisper the story of unsighted words spoken to you without deliberation, this betrayal now part of the reflection in your cry. The sun sets deeper into the west and your eyes still search for something that is true. The desire for the dependability of authentic words, and unceasing, loving actions is so ever present in your gaze into the distance. In an unfortunate past, etchings of false impressions of what somebody can be have over run your thoughts, and they have built a wall that is impenetrable, even when there is a meeting at a crossroads. In all of your searching, the sunset has remained. It faithfully rises and falls, right there when you sit at the top of the hill. When you are tear soaked, and hurt from carvings of the past, you press on, leaving the reflection of will in your cry. This will is strong and moves with the sunset, never ceasing without a fight. A chance to know you and your unedited thoughts is a desire. A chance to live by your side, and move with the sunset is an aspiration. When you see your face in the reflection of your cry, know that I will be standing there, and will never disappear.

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