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I Blossom a new

January 24, 2010
By jhull09 SILVER, Braddyville, Iowa
jhull09 SILVER, Braddyville, Iowa
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I Blossom a new

Born into life-from the first moment air blew my lungs full, filled with joy
I felt nothing, I knew nothing
As I grew infant to girl, girl to teen
Teen to woman; knowledge poured into my head
Thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, joy, love, sadness
I learned trust, made friends
My heart blossomed, kindness and laughter -
The beginning ended...
Lips to lips, lie after lie
Friendships on edge
5,4,3,2, now one!
Love died, my heart blossomed just enough
Betrayed by trusted
For the good now, I am happy-I see the greater path
A bee stung my heart, I rained a sad sorrow
Wise thoughts arise from my broken mind, as seeds to re-grow
Begin again, find happiness once more…
Born into life-from a new moment…heart blossoms-a new direction!

The author's comments:
my life started like anyone else's, but as i grew i gained knowledge made friends lived the life, Loved! but as time progressed i became wiser, i lost people who betrayed me and gained a new perspective on life, and took a new path!

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