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I am Grateful

January 25, 2010
By Soft_spoken GOLD, Houston, Texas
Soft_spoken GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
if your feelings go away its not love
if that person
leaves an imprint on your heart that was love
only once
only one guy left a imprint on my heart like that i love him still -BY ME BRITTANY JENELLE

Time goes on
I wonder is it near
When it ends
The time that we fear
Since I am a Christian I wondered have a changed
Have I repented?
Some but not all
For God is my witness
I walk through the halls
And temptations
Gets to me
I struggle I fall I get back up again
I’m supposed to love not hate
Learn and be submissive and have concern
And compassion and wanting whets best for god
And not what’s best for me
Because god comes first
And I have to let that be
Yes I believe and no one can change that
So many major disasters are going on
And get worse and worse each day
And I wonder are we safe
Who is the anti Christ!
I stop in the halls and think
I worship so many things money, clothes, and boys.
You may not think of it to the end
So now I must only worship my father in heaven for he saved me
And God sent him to me
For that I cherish them both
Nor am I never ashamed to speak the truth
For he is the truth some of you don’t believe
For I fear god I fear him greatly
And I wonder if my name is in the book of life
I put on my amour my sword and grab my shield for the bible is my friend
For the lord is my friend for god is my love and Jesus is my savior
For I thank them for loving me
And giving me strength and I thank god for sending his son
So my sins will be forgiven
And I may join in heaven I must be me and put god before the
Before you before him (that guy)
So many thoughts in my mind at once
I must change I fall on my knees and pray please forgive me for what I done
You are my father and take me and change me into the lady you want me to be
For you correct my mistakes and help me understand my rights and wrongs
And yet whatever I do you love me how I am
I am grateful to have you dear lord, I am grateful to have you <3

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on Apr. 13 2010 at 12:22 pm
AquariusSunandMoon SILVER, Sublette, Illinois
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This is really good! Completely different from the rest of your work, and I love it! I think you should probably follow this feeling more often. Broaden your horizons, reach out from your current place in life, dream more and let nothing stop you. :)