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to my parents

January 28, 2010
By hollyhottell DIAMOND, Redding, California
hollyhottell DIAMOND, Redding, California
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poetry is a diary written out loud

im glad your life is great
because without me you seem fine
i know i can move on from this
and that healing takes some time
i seem to learn the hard way
but beleive im doing great
because in MY years to come
i will soon just walk away
you like to take the credit
for the great things that i do
sorry to let you down
but i didn't learnit from you
instead i saw what i didn't like
from you and all your flaws
then i knew what not to do
and that made me stop and pause
so i guess you get a tadbit credit
not something you should praise
and now i am the oppisite of you
and i thank god of that everyday

The author's comments:
to my parents that just take people for granit. they dont realize that if you keep pushing people away eventually they wont come back

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