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Suckas [part 3]

February 1, 2010
By UndiscoveredStar GOLD, Spokane, Washington
UndiscoveredStar GOLD, Spokane, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
My heart is my own but your free to change long as you can take all the hurt and troubles that come with it.

Not a punk, not scared, I won’t even flinch.
I’ll take what you give me ‘cause I’m no sucka.
Just be ready to get what I’m going to give you.
I’m on a grown woman type status…step your game up and get on my level.
I’m a different breed of female, I’m from another galaxy
I swear y’all people don’t even come close to me.
I eat Suckas like you for my snacks in between meals

To fill the sweet the tooth I got ‘cause all y’all do is cupcake.
I’m like big foot, the one they so don’t exist… no imagination is good enough

To think about a chick like me
So to all Suckas out there
Just be careful and beware
‘Cause this Barbie is on her own agenda.

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