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My Heart

February 5, 2010
By KittieKat GOLD, Niagara, Wisconsin
KittieKat GOLD, Niagara, Wisconsin
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The day they took you was the day
I feel I lost myself,
Dispair, unhappyness, tears, guilt,pain
hurt, longing.
Words that can't be felt unless you feel
them in your heart.
Longing for your touch, your embrace, your kiss
Will it ever be agian? To feel loved.
Or will it be an empty vessel, that no one can fill.
loving you, longing for you, crying for you
Will you ever Know? Will I ever let it show?
One day, year, month or decade I will get my heart back
the feeling as if a dager ripped it out will go away
One day I will see you agian.
Just hold me, love me, embrace me,
dry my tears my dear lost one.
I love you and miss you

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